Latest Course Outline prepared for the MBA Programme

at a Business School in the South of France,Autumn 2003


Situates this course within total Business School Programme.

Distinguishes processes from skills & roles

Presents a model of the competencies required

Illustrates with examples including Video

Reviews the starting point of the firm in its environment.

Discusses macro,micro environment, resource inputs & outputs

Imparts the need to set and achieve goals (performance measures)

Treats single plans & continuous plans-as a prelude to Strategic Planning

* Organisational Structure & Style

Identifies various forms of Departmental organisation

Discusses range of styles from organic to bureaucratic

* Leadership, Delegation, Management Development

Distinguishes leadership from management.Indicates why not everyone

can become a manager ,stresses importance of delegation.

* Management Control & 'Excellent' Companies

Discusses theories which can be applied to different control

needs eg management ,quality,financial control.

Reviews methods of assessing the best companies.

Advises how companies can adapt to increasingly frequent changes

in their environment.Discusses current examples of typical errors.

* Management differences in Small Business Management

Compares the situations in small as opposed to large firms.

Indicates paramount skills & modified processes for small businesses.

*Review of latest management techniques

Identifies most recent developements.

Distinguishes fundamentals from temporary 'fads'


As back up,students can use one of the mainstream books on Management Processes such as:

Bergeron, (English edition), Modern Management,Prentice Hall,

Bergeron, (French edition), Gestion Dynamique,G.Morin